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About Company

Established in 1993, with headquarters and 9000 square meter production facilities located in Vilnius, Lithuania. With business units in Sweden, Norway and Finland COSMOS CONSTRUCTION is one of the biggest manufacturers of light steel and architectural glass constructions in the region.

Inhouse estimate, design, engineering and production resources as well testing laboratory has put us at the forefront of commercial and residential light steel construction sectors in Baltic region.

We provide contractors One-stop-shop service, based on Design-build project delivery.

The core company's competences are innovation driven attitude towards products and strict quality control within the value chain.

Product portfolio ranges from simplest railings to most complicated staircase solutions.

Our Production


Apartments, dormitories, cottages


Shopping malls, hotels, special purpose buildings


Hospitals, universities, pharmacies


Universities, schools, kindergardens


Office space, open space,


Warehouse, multi purpose constructions

Leisure and Stadia

Stadiums, concert halls, sports halls


Road, bridges, towers


Hydro, reservoirs

Innovation Since 1993

Innovation driven COSMOS CONSTRUCTION products have a proven track record from top 10 construction companies globally. Long term partnerships with Scandinavian construction companies has led us to continuous innovation, material quality and origin control and processes optimization within value chain.

In house engineering resource and testing laboratory shortens lead times and allows to offer clients best value proposition

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Corporate Social Responsibility in COSMOS CONSTRUCTION is important element, delivering sustainable competitive advantages and long term benefits for our stakeholders.

Sustainable resource management and pro-social behaviors has become our core competence resulting in direct cost savings.

100% of power consumed by COSMOS CONSTRUCTION is from renewable energy sources

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