Design and Engineering

Cosmos Construction culture is driven by our associate collaboration with our clients in order to deliver value in most efficient and sustainable manner. We have always been striving to reach to deliver a mix of both progress and perfection.

We have extensive design expertise in the field of pre-engineered steel construction fabrication for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.


Production is carried in 10 000 sq meter production facilities located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Processes including: laser cutting, sheet and tube bending, welding, blasting and painting.

One stainless steel and 5 mild steel production lines provide flexibility when delivering complex projects in a timely manner


Inhouse testing laboratory allows to instantly test custom railing designs.

All product performance meets the EU building regulations for a structural railing systems as well safety standards within EU countries. Standard balustrade solutions are approved to BS 6180.


Long term partnerships with international freight companies enables us to ensure consistent and timely product deliveries of most complicated constructions throughout Scandinavia.

Freight operations is part of our CSR strategy while we see an efficient freight transportation as one of core value chain activities with great potential of emission reduction.


We focus on delivering projects responsibly, with minimal impact on communities and environment, from design to installation stage.

Innovation and social responsibility has always been a core competence.


We provide light steel and open fa├žade construction maintenance or refurbishment services within Norway, Sweden, Finland and Baltic States.